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Cardio HTN  contains specific botanical and mineral factors for healthy blood pressure maintenance and cardiovascular support. Cardio HTN supports healthy intracellular calcium metabolism and regulation of parathyroid hypertensive factor.†

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264 Cardio HTN 60 Veggie Caps

Supports healthy intracellular calcium metabolism.†
Helps support healthy regulation of parathyroid hypertensive factor (PHF).†
Ingredients include Rauwolfia serpentine, Tribulus, and magnesium.†

Research & Education
Video: Cardio Products Relationship of magnesium intake and other dietary factors to blood pressure: the Honolulu heart study
Healthy Cardiovascular Function Webinar Pharmacological studies on coleonol, a hypotensive diterpene from Coleus forskohlii

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Product Details†


- Comprehensive botanical support for healthy blood pressure support†
- Nutritional, mineral, and botanical factors for cardiovascular health†
- Support of healthy intracellular calcium metabolism†
- Supports healthy regulation of Parathyroid Hypertensive Factor†

TERMINALIA (TERMINALIA ARJUNA) is the herb of choice in Ayurvedic medicine for cardiovascular health. Arjuna supports healthy heart function, lipid metabolism, has antioxidant properties, and promotes healthy prostaglandin levels. Its principal constituents are β – sitosterol, ellagic acid, and arjunic acid.†

TRIBULUS (TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS) has been used traditionally for fluid retention and as anantiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Additional uses have been to support liver, kidney, and cardiovascular health. Current use is often for support of sexual function and fertility. Tribulus terrestris has smooth muscle-relaxant properties, which explain its benefit on sexual function and its blood pressure regulating properties.†

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CORDYCEPS (CORDYCEPS SINENSIS) supports the healthy regulation of PHF (Parathyroid Hypertensive Factor). Healthy PHF levels support healthy intracellular calcium levels, which support healthy blood pressure.†

RAUWOLFIA SERPENTINA contains the alkaloid reserpine. Rauwolfia serpentina has been shown to be an effective blood-pressure-lowering agent. Rauwolfia serpentina’s alkaloids relax the nervous system by reduction of sympathetic dominance. This effect is mediated by removal of noradrenaline and prevention of reabsorption at the noradrenergic nerve ending. Rauwolfia serpentina may have selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor properties.†

When given in small quantities, the main effect is relaxation of the mind and blood vessel tone. Large doses (several grams) may promote depression. No health hazards are known in conjunction with the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages.†

INULA RACEMOSA has its traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine for the support of healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular, liver, and respiratory health.†

COLEUS FORSKOHLII contains a diterpene molecule known as forskolin, which is a powerful activator of adenylate cyclase, which leads to elevation of cAMP. In the artery, this effect promotes relaxation of the arterial wall and a reduction of blood pressure.†

MAGNESIUM has potent vasodilator properties and has the ability to displace calcium from the smooth muscle cell surfaces. With magnesium deficiency, there is an increased flow of calcium into vascular smooth muscle cells, increasing contractility and potentiated constrictor effects.† ... Click here to continue reading

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